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Here are the most important methods of rhinoplasty without surgery

Rhinoplasty has developed significantly recently and is no longer reliant on surgical procedures. Still, there are many different techniques for rhinoplasty without surgery.

These techniques have developed due to the disadvantages of surgical rhinoplasty, despite the significant improvements that rhinoplasty gives in the shape and size of the nose, which ultimately leads to improving the appearance of the face and achieving the desired goal of the operation.

However, some things prevent many men and women from resorting to surgical rhinoplasties, such as the high cost, the long recovery period, and the chance of postoperative complications.

These non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques have given impressive results while minimizing the risks and side effects of surgeries, in addition to the significant decrease in the cost of surgical procedures and the possibility of practicing a normal life and returning to work soon as possible.

In the following lines, we will talk about the various non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques, as there are three different techniques for non-surgical rhinoplasty :

  • Laser rhinoplasty.
  • Rhinoplasty with fillers.
  • Rhinoplasty with threads.

Laser rhinoplasty

Laser-based techniques have occupied a great place in various cosmetic methods recently. Laser rhinoplasty is one of the safest and most successful non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques.

The laser rhinoplasty technique involves passing a laser beam on the targeted area of the nose, which aims to reshape the bones and cartilage of the nose to obtain the desired results.

A study published in the Journal of the National Library of Medicine was conducted to compare the results of laser rhinoplasty as one of the non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques with rhinoplasty surgery. Fifty patients were randomly divided into two groups: the first group was subjected to surgical rhinoplasty. In contrast, The second group underwent rhinoplasty using a laser beam.

The results showed some skin abnormalities with increased cartilage thickness in the group that underwent regular rhinoplasty surgery. At the same time, this did not happen in the group that underwent rhinoplasty without surgery using a laser.

Also, no bruises or swellings appeared after the laser rhinoplasty technique, unlike the surgical operation followed by the appearance of nodes in the face needing a recovery period. Patients were also more satisfied with the results of laser rhinoplasty than regular rhinoplasty.

The conclusion was that the laser rhinoplasty technique is one of the safest non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques. It does not have any serious complications, and it can give aesthetic and functional results of surgical rhinoplasty, but it is characterized by the following :

  • A higher degree of accuracy during operation.
  • Increasing patient satisfaction with the results of the cosmetic technique.
  • Less chance of infection.
  • No possibility of bleeding.
  • Avoid anesthesia problems.

Other methods of rhinoplasty without surgery

There are two other types of non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques :

Rhinoplasty with fillers

Rhinoplasty with fillers is one of the most common non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques. This technique involves injecting dermal fillers, usually composed of hyaluronic acid, and sometimes Botox can also be used.

These fillers are injected into the areas desired to be filled to define the corners of the nose and get a more fit and beautiful facial shape. The result of this technique lasts from 4 months to 3 years.

Rhinoplasty with threads

The thread rhinoplasty technique is one of the most popular non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques. It provides satisfactory results that last longer than the filler rhinoplasty technique and is safer than rhinoplasty surgeries.

Rhinoplasty with threads involves inserting a type of thread made of polydioxanone that does not cause any allergy in proportion to the face. This technique does not cause side effects and does not require a long recovery period.

Advantages of rhinoplasty without surgery

There are many advantages of non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques, which have made them more popular in recent times over rhinoplasty surgeries, and these advantages include the following :

  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques take a short period for the procedure.
  • These techniques do not require total anesthesia like surgical rhinoplasty, thus avoiding the patient’s anesthesia problems and complications.
  • Unlike surgical techniques, the patient cannot be exposed to the risk of bleeding with non-surgical methods.
  • There is no possibility of infection, unlike surgical procedures.
  • Unlike rhinoplasty surgery, no side effects appear on the patient with these techniques, which causes swelling in the entire face that needs long recovery periods.
  • Non-surgical techniques do not require a long recovery time. In contrast, the recovery time for a surgical rhinoplasty can take up to a year to recover.
  • These techniques are also less costly than surgical rhinoplasty.

Disadvantages of non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques

There are some disadvantages to non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques, such as any cosmetic technique, and these disadvantages include the following :

  • If an experienced doctor does not do these techniques, they may cause some damage, for example, rhinoplasty with threads and rhinoplasty with fillers may cause nerve damage, leading to blindness.
  • The rhinoplasty results with threads or fillers do not last forever, and the procedure must be repeated to return the results, unlike surgical rhinoplasty.
  • Some people may suffer from allergic reactions to cosmetic threads or the materials used in the fillers.

Thus, we have discussed the various non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques, the characteristics that distinguish them from surgical rhinoplasty, and the possible defects of each method.

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