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Prostate stones : causes and treatment

Prostate stones form when there are small calcium deposits inside the prostate gland. These stones are common, starting in the middle age of men. The amount of stones included varies from person to person.

The size of prostate stones ranges between half a millimeter and 5 millimeters, these stones differ from kidney stones or ureter stones, where it is difficult to detect mostly harmless prostate stones but sometimes cause some side effects.

This article explains the causes of prostate stones and lists treatment methods. 

Prostate stones causes

Prostate stones are often formed due to another medical condition. The following are the most important causes of prostate stones :

  • Synchronization of prostate stones for conditions such as enlarged prostate, inflammation of the prostate, and prostate cancer.
  • Neglecting treatment of urinary tract infection.
  • The effect of radiation therapy for prostate cancer on the body.
  • Lack of attention to the hygiene of the body and genitals.
  • Failure to adhere to an adequate healthy diet.

Symptoms of prostate stones

Prostate stones are difficult to detect because there are no specific symptoms. Still, they are discovered by chance during regular examinations such as :

  • Ultrasound imaging.
  • X-ray imaging.
  • CT scan.
  • Prostate biopsy and examination.

We review together the most important symptoms of prostate stones as follows :

  • The feeling of difficulty urinating.
  • Feeling pain and burning during urination.
  • The appearance of abnormal pains in the abdomen and groin.
  • Feeling pain when ejaculating.
  • The appearance of the semen is pale yellow.
  • Not rushing semen as hard as usual.
  • Feeling of pain in the penis.

Prostate stones treatment

Prostate stones are considered a silent disease that does not reveal itself in the form of visible symptoms. Many consider it a hidden disease, as it ends by leaving the body with urine.

Other specialists are concerned about the complications that prostate stones may cause, the foremost of which is infertility. Experts warn against ignoring the treatment of prostate stones, as the disease develops into prostatitis and then turns with time into an enlarged prostate, threatening male fertility.

Here are some ways to treat prostate stones :

  • Antibiotics : oral antibiotics are frequently used in the treatment of complications of prostate stones. Antibiotics can treat acute prostatitis, but they do not affect chronic prostatitis.
  • Prostate injection : medicines and antibiotics are injected directly into the prostate gland. This method can speed up the delivery of drugs instead of taking them orally and increase the concentration of antibiotics. It is also a way to treat inflammation caused by stones.
  • Physiotherapy : is classified as an auxiliary treatment and not a basic treatment for prostate stones. It is possible to rely on ultrasound devices and physical therapy massage to get rid of the blockage of the internal channels in the prostate and thus facilitate the access of antibiotics to the site of stones and inflammation.
  • Surgery : doctors resort to surgery when all other treatment methods fail, and when prostate stones threaten the patient’s condition, the surgeon removes the stones and cleans the blocked ducts in the prostate.

Some tips must be adhered to when discovering the presence of prostate stones to prevent complications. Among these tips are the following :

  • Keep drinking plenty of fluids, especially water, daily.
  • Minimize foods with high salt content.
  • Regular exercise, such as walking and yoga.
  • Quit smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Pay attention to personal and genital hygiene to avoid infection.
  • Regularity in normal sexual life to avoid the risk of blockage of the prostate gland.
  • Do periodic medical examinations regularly, as early detection of diseases facilitates their treatment.

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