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Wooden hair, causes and treatment

Uncombable hair syndrome is characterized by severe dryness in the hair and the inability to comb it flat at all. This condition appears in children from birth to age three but may continue to occur until age 12.

The syndrome raises the concerns and questions of the parents, so in this article, we answer everything related to the hair that cannot be combed, and we mention the causes and methods of treatment.

Wooden hair

Uncombable Hair Syndrome, or UHS hair, is also called woody or vitreous spun hair. The hair of children with this condition has a light golden, straw blonde, or shiny silver color, affecting only the scalp hair and not all over the body.

Wood hair does not grow down as with other types of hair, but it grows upwards in separate directions as close as possible to the fluff, but it grows in length at slow rates. Wood hair is not as fragile as it looks; it has a natural strength.

Glass hair does not respond to conventional hair straightening techniques, meaning it cannot be styled with hair care products such as curling creams and keratin, which often make it easier to manage dry and rough hair.

Wood hair syndrome is extremely rare, with only 100 cases reported worldwide.

Causes of wood hair disease

The main cause of uncombable hair syndrome is three genetic mutations responsible for how hair strands are produced and grown on the scalp.

The child inherits these recessive genetic mutations if both parents or one of them are carriers of a copy of that mutation. It is not a condition that he has the syndrome, and mutations are the causes of wood hair disease.

These mutations cause the hair shaft to change from the usual cylindrical shape to a multi-angled shape that tends to be a triangle or a heart.

Wooden hair diagnosis

The doctor looks for the basic characteristics that distinguish woody hair disease: the shiny silver color, the texture of the dry hair, and the random growth method. He also looks at the hair shaft under the microscope to see whether it is cylindrical or triangular. Hair is more difficult to control.

The nature of the hair usually improves after the child reaches adolescence, and the hair can be combed flat down and the hair acquires a natural or semi-natural texture.

Wooden hair treatment

There is no cure for Uncombable Hair Syndrome, wait until Coarse hair grows healthy and without damage. The nature of hair changes for no known reason. In adolescence, hair becomes more manageable, and its dry texture improves.

Some claim that taking biotin as a nutritional supplement may help improve the nature of hair and make it combable, but this needs several research to prove it.

Tips for dealing with wooden hair

Doctors recommend parents some tips when dealing with woody hair for a child, as follows :

  • Do not deal violently with the hair in an attempt to comb the child’s hair.
  • Do not expose wooden hair to straightening or curling with heat or harmful chemicals.
  • Use a soft brush.
  • Avoid blow-drying your hair.

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